Providing custom software solutions since 1995.

Hello, this is Mark White and I am Garganey Software.

Areas of Expertise

C++  •   C#  •   Imaging and metadata (JPEG, TIFF, raw camera formats, XMP, EXIF, IPTC, ...)   •   Digital Asset Management   •   Microsoft Windows   •   Software design and requirements   •   Time critical, always on and real-time software   •   and more ...

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Garganey Clients and Employers

Colligo Networks Incorporated, Vancouver, B.C. - Engage and Contributor - improving your SharePoint experience (current).

MerlinOne Incorporated, Quincy, MA, USA - Including an application to generate thumbnail images and extract text from numerous standard and proprietary file formats.

Coatsworth Communications Inc. Brampton, Ontario - Created the WinSolo system, an application suite for photographic image reception, transmission and management under Microsoft Windows .

Southam New Media, Ontario - Created a utility for extracting data from the RichTIFF format for Southam’s database system (contract).

Paradigm Development Corporation, Vancouver, B.C. - Converted the Dictionary Editor from Adobe’s PageMaker from 16 to 32-bit. In the process a different dictionary management system was adopted.

Durand-Raute Industries Ltd. New Westminster, B.C. - Responsible for the design and implementation of a Visual Basic Extension for network communication (contract).

Crosfield (Canada) Inc., Mississauga, Ontario - Various roles in the Newsline DAM systems - including the database and real-time image input - using C++/C under the QNX operating system.

Muirhead Systems Ltd. Toronto, Ontario - Responsible for the Electronic Picture Desk project - running on DEC equipment, implemented in Fortran and assembly language.



I have lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, since 1995. Prior to that I was employed full time in Toronto (I also have strong connections to the Maritimes). I have worked in the software and DAM industry since 1984. Prior to that I was an astronomer working at the Royal Greenwich Observatory in the UK.

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Garganey Software (pronounced gar-gan-eh) is named for a type of duck (actually a Teal).